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Waiting can be on of the hardest things to do when we find ourselves in a position that seems to demand an answer now. It can feel like walking a tight rope between faith and fear; faith that God will provide the answer and fear the answer won’t come in time. 
I have “waited” through many struggles and stressful situations in my life time and can honestly say – it was the most painful thing I have ever done. But I can also say that when I allowed God to have precedence in my life, and I focused on His unfailing Word, it was also peaceful. I know peaceful stress sounds like an oxymoron or only a moron would make such a claim – but it is true. 
During life circumstance with God being present in my heart, mind, and soul provided me with peace beyond understanding. 
God is always present and never late. I encourage you to find a moment in a quite place or in the midst of whatever struggle you are going through and ask God to give you His peace, His wisdom, His strength, and to send or renew His comforter within you. 
I would say to you that when your anguish, fear, or doubt creeps in or it creams within your spirit that you STOP and say, out loud if you can or within your heart…  
  “No, I am not going to listen to these lies. God is in control and He will deliver me through this. He will take me from this uncertainty and place me on solid ground. God you are my Rock and my Strength.”
Wether you have to declare this truth to yourself only once in a day or a million times is not what matters. What matters is that you have declared God and His Word more powerful than your circumstances, which He is, and you are standing on the Promises of God. 
Every tribulation, struggle, or stress may not have the ending we hoped for or one we expected but, no matter the outcome,  if we trust in God and follow His leading we will always be deliver through and eventually to a much better place. 
God has a plan for your life and He is waiting to share it with you, will you ask….will you listen?